Commission of Investigation on #motherandbabyhomes

Commission of Investigation of Mother & Baby Homes Post Credit: Tracey Geary To: Facebook Group - WE ARE STILL HERE To all persons with an interest in the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes, Good Morning, Following on from my email of the 3rd December last, I wish to confirm that I will [...]

#EuphoricRecall #Book Recommendation

Euphoric Recall by Aidan Martin A true and very honest account of one man’s addictions covering the use of drugs, mental health and abuse. Everyone knows there is a dark side to many if not all addictions, after reading ‘Euphoric Recall’ I came to have a more understanding of how heavy a burden addiction really [...]

The Libel Case #JohnnyDepp V #AmberHeard

The Libel Case: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard - Photo Credit: The Guardian #DomesticViolence The Libel Case After hearing the verdict this morning in regard to the Johnny Depp & Amber Heard case, I felt compelled to have my say! Firstly I just want to repeat; ‘Domestic Violence’ Is NOT okay, no matter who [...]

***UPDATE*** #Podcast Commission of #Investigation

***UPDATE*** Podcasts and Commission of Investigation Photo Credit: Featured Image As we now approach November and while the survivors of mother & baby homes wait patiently for the Commission of Investigation sixth Interim report, (Any day now) I thought I would do a little update. As you know this last month has been not [...]

Commission of #Investigation Interim Reports

Relevant Links: Commission of Investigation Interim Reports First Interim ReportSecond Interim ReportThird Interim ReportFourth Interim ReportFifth Interim ReportFifth Interim Report with Technical Appendices: Part 1Fifth Interim Report with Technical Appendices: Part 2Seventh Interim Report Commission of Investigation Act 2004 Commission of Investigation (Mother & Baby Homes and certain related matters Bill 2020 Seanad Eireann [...]

People Before Profit – A Slap In The Face

People before profit - A slap in the face Credit to: People Before Profit (Facebook) Deirdre Wadding - campaigner and survivor of Bessborough Mother and Baby Home - says the bill that would see records of Mother and Baby Homes sealed for 30 years is a slap in the face to survivors. The fast-tracking of [...]

#Supporting #Survivors Worldwide

Supporting Survivors Worldwide While doing research for my previously published book Various links took me to some of the most shocking reads yet, most of us are aware of various atrocities that took place historically and in some cases even now. Yet, still many survivors still wait and wait and wait for justice, although [...]