#INCARCERATED #Podcast Coming Soon!

FULL DESCRIPTION ON FACEBOOK: @SOFATALKMEDIA Were you, or a member of your family incarcerated in any of the religiously run institutions, perhaps you had a family member who was sent to an asylum labelled an 'Idiot' I did, my step-great grandmother was incarcerated in Lennox Castle, the stories are pretty horrific. Those locked up in [...]

Remembering Glasgow’s Dirty Secret

sourcenews.scot/campaign-to-remember-glasgows-dirty-secret/ A dirty hidden secret, the true reality of Magdalene Laundries, a worldwide dirty secret. They called the woman whores, made them feel dirty and continued to call them sinners. The only dirty little secret were the very people breaking their own rules, abusing young woman mentally, physically and sexually and little by little those [...]

Magdalene Laundries

http://www.facebook.com/112083440587536/posts/124890819306798/ Photo Credit: Wikipedia *** Warning *** Content May be upsetting to some. Many by now will be aware that #filming of #BehindClosedDoors begins April 2021. I will be filming again in Autumn 2021 in regard to the #MagdaleneLaundries and would like those who were connected to those #institutions to consider being a part of [...]