My Visit #SmyllumParkOrphanage

Smyllum Park Orphanage What I thought would have been an old dark, run down building turns out to be occupied flats with the word PRIVATE written across the front of the entrance. I decided it would be a good idea to take a drive to Smyllum Park Orphanage today to capture what I thought to [...]

Secrets to the Grave

The dark side of the white collar SECRETS TO THE GRAVE Secrets don’t stay buried forever, they will come back to haunt you! As Religious Orders remain the subject of intense debate due to their lies, abuse, Paedophilia, failure to protect and breach of human rights, where do we stand In terms of future generations? [...]

#WEARESTILLHERE Interview on @TippFM Full Interview with Teresa Collins on TippFm Click the link below. Remember you can purchase my book Behind Closed Doors 'The Baby Brokers' on Amazon Worldwide a percentage of the books sales will be donated to WE ARE STILL HERE on May 2021 Commemorations and each year thereafter. By purchasing a copy of the [...]