People Before Profit – A Slap In The Face

People before profit – A slap in the face

Credit to: People Before Profit (Facebook)

Deirdre Wadding – campaigner and survivor of Bessborough Mother and Baby Home – says the bill that would see records of Mother and Baby Homes sealed for 30 years is a slap in the face to survivors.

The fast-tracking of the bill has understandably caused huge anguish among victims.

Many of the victims of these church-state run mother and baby homes do not know if their children are alive or dead.

The Bill will be debated in the Dail tonight.

People Before Profit have submitted amendments, including a request that the bill is not fast-tracked, but should be debated properly by both houses of the Oireachtas, and amended significantly.

We ask you – the public – to keep up the emails, the phone calls and the pressure on your TD’s – it’s helping hugely.

This state has failed women for decades now, and it is still failing women.

Let’s fight this tooth and nail.

My View.

A statement in support of the Mother & Baby Home Survivors to; THE STATE and the word YOU meaning and applies to; THE STATE…

At what point will the State and Church hold their hands up? At what point will they recognise the importance of giving back what they so wrongly took?.

Truth, yes, can sometimes be hard to take, but when you have to live your life with the sorrow and the heartbreak of the, ‘Not knowing’ It is a hard pill to swallow.

Please DO NOT let another survivor go to their grave having no knowledge of what lay behind their past, of not having been able to put to bed the secrets that were kept from them, secrets that will only pass on through their families.

There is only one way to have closure not only as a survivor but also of the State, not only with survivors personal information but also that of the report from the Commission of Investigation.

Quietly, you say you are sorry for the atrocities that took place, that is NOT and never will be enough, you and the Church worked hand in hand in allowing the illegal adoption of thousands of innocent children, you allowed the falsification of children’s identities, you DID NOT properly investigate the hundreds of deaths of children and in some cases their mothers too.

There are unmarked graves in and around Ireland where many children and their mothers lay buried by those who were meant to protect them, they were categorised as sinners.

No consecrated burial, yet, the bible states that ALL children are children of God. ‘That means every man, woman and child’.

The only sinners that I/we believe are those who committed such crimes as to discard the dead, labelled as no longer useful, while clearly the living would be labelled as desirable in the case of monetary gain.

I as a supporter of the mother & baby homes ask YOU, PLEASE DO NOT seal those documents, allow those concerned to have access to their personal data, good or bad, they have specifically made it clear that they wish to have them.

Let them move forward and put to bed once and for all the sadness that will continue to burden them not only through the rest of their lives but also that of their own families, only then will they know for sure that you are on their side and wish to support them in their healing process.

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