The Libel Case #JohnnyDepp V #AmberHeard

The Libel Case: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard – Photo Credit: The Guardian

#DomesticViolence The Libel Case

After hearing the verdict this morning in regard to the Johnny Depp & Amber Heard case, I felt compelled to have my say!

Firstly I just want to repeat; ‘Domestic Violence’ Is NOT okay, no matter who you are.

If a man beats on a woman or a woman beats on a man it is still abusive behaviour, there should be no rule for one and another rule for someone else. Mental, physical and or emotional abuse is a NO.

This situation right here is not an isolated case, this happens much more than people realise, there are many cases such as this were the woman walks away as the victim, yet there may have been evidence such as in this case were it is proved otherwise.

I don’t need to go into the lasting effects of being at the other end of a man’s fist, or vice versa, those of us who have been there know only too well what that does.


An abuser may show signs of Jealousy, Bad Tempered (For little to no reason) Be Verbally Abusive, Possessive (Very unhealthy in any relationship.) Controlling.

Those are just some of the warning signs and, while you are suffering at the hands of an abuser you are blind to the fact that you yourself begin to have no self confidence, you start to show signs of low self esteem, you find excuses to lock yourself away, you are scared to talk to those who may be able to help.

Eventually the abuser will have made you feel that you are to blame, you let yourself go, you begin to think differently, you dress differently and what most don’t realise (If you have children) They too are suffering which in turn effects their mental well being.

If you are suffering abuse of any kind PLEASE get help, do not continue to suffer, the help is out there and you are not alone, nor will you be made to feel alone.

#speakout #beheard #bestrong #donotsufferinsilence #youareloved ❤️

Refuge: 0808 2000 247

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