#Homeschooling It’s Not Rocket Science!

Homeschooling – It’s Not Rocket Science!

When I was a young primary school child, I remember fondly how my mother would play teacher when my siblings and I returned from school.

When I say play, it was certainly not the kind of play we had in mind, but homework! Yep, that word that most children just don’t like, and while in primary school I hated it too.

If there is one thing I have to be grateful for, it’s the way in which my mother built those foundations that lay ahead for my own children.

We came home from school one day to find she had painted a huge blackboard on one of the bedroom walls, to say I was excited was an understatement.

My mother would play teacher so as to help us with our homework, and it worked, and it meant I could be teacher too, to my siblings in later years.

You don’t need to be Einstein and have a head full of knowledge to teach your children, the reason I can’t get to grips with (While watching the news) those stay at home parents who continue to shout from the rooftops about not having Laptop’s etc.

Have they forgotten their own childhood? Those like myself of a certain age will remember all to well how we did it, there was no technology back then.

Simple Math and English most if not all have basic knowledge in those subjects, talk to your child about the world, there’s your Geography, History and Modern Studies.

Cooking, Baking and talking about what’s to come in this great big adult world, (What’s involved in owning a home, the bills they will have to pay), there’s your basic life skills right there.

I hear you when you say! (But there is so much more than just those I’ve mentioned) Yes, there are, but while we are all suffering during lockdown and Lord only knows how long this Pandemic is likely to last, the least we can do is; Take the lead!

You have all heard the saying; Education begins at home! And it’s true, parents must understand that teachers can only teach our children so much, it’s our duty as parents to teach the rest.

Sadly, while technology CAN be a good thing, it’s also the root to destruction, I mean, seriously, think about it.

How often do you sit with your children as a family and talk about everyday things? Where has that family bond gone? How often do you answer questions that your child is asking? I’ve seen it myself, a child ask their parent a question only to be told, ‘I’m busy, let’s talk later.

We live in a world right now where things are moving way too fast, let’s slow down and take stalk of what really matters, the younger generation of today, they have a huge struggle ahead of them, one that some of us may not be around to rectify.

your interaction will give your children the roots to grow, and the wings to fly!


2 thoughts on “#Homeschooling It’s Not Rocket Science!

  1. Spot on belinda, we had to do our homework after school no squabbles, and then you were aloud out to play after homework was done, xx

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    1. Sadly for the most part that has all gone out the window, there’s way to much; ‘go to your room and play your PlayStation’ etc, it’s sad and while we understand that the world has changed, so has understanding, respect, values and morals. We need to encourage our children to slow down and we need to interact with them in such a way that they understand there is so much more to life than technology. Children have a wonderful imagination and many of them would make great writers for instance. x


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