So Much #Unrest In A World Full of Corruption

So Much Unrest In A World Full of Corruption!

What is going on in the world today? Only, it’s isn’t just today is it? We have all been sucked into a world full of corruption, and it’s been going on for years.

So often I hear myself say, ‘When will everyone wake up?’ In actual fact we woke up a long time ago and no matter how loud we shout, nobody is listening!
Nor will they, because we live on a daily basis being controlled by not only a corrupt Government but also the lies, there I said it, the lies.

Every day, every hour and every minute we are being drip fed news of the things that only shake us up, and that’s exactly what their plan is.

look at last nights live news of the so called protestors (Not the word I would use for them). These individuals were drip fed (Drivel) by one of the most deranged and dangerous men in the world.

Photo Credit: Sky News

This was supposedly a planned peaceful protest (According to Donald Trump) The man who encouraged it, so much outrage, yet when he eventually (Only after Joe Biden) Said he should come forth and speak, did he record a message to the People.

The words used (We love you, you are very special) is the words of a man trapped in the mind of what I can only describe as (Tuned to the moon) a man in my and many others eyes who should have been arrested for inciting such behaviour.

How can we the people trust any of them? And yes, I am including the U.K. Government too.

Look at Covid-19 A pandemic that is killing off the population, every day we are hearing of hundreds of deaths, we are now in the third lockdown yet lessons yet again! Have not been learned.

I’m not saying Covid does not exist, nor am I saying that it’s not killing people. I for one have been and will continue to abide by the rules, unlike some others, however, why in Gods name didn’t they lockdown the whole country including others last year?

If the Government had locked every country down first time around, measures could have been taken which would have prevented this new variant that we now face.

While I and many others take the correct action to keep ourselves and others safe, there are still many who don’t or just won’t.

But, we also have to remember that everyone around the country are being given conflicting information, and I’m pretty sure a few lies that have been thrown into the mix of whatever the Government are hiding from us?

Now we have police controlling the streets, (in some areas) Asking people why they are out? Is it any wonder people are feeling that we are being controlled and there is more to this than meets the eye? I know I definitely think there is more to it, and we are never going to understand the reasons behind the Governments decisions.

Photo Credit: The Telegraph

People are losing it, they are sick of being stuck at home and they are sick of the lies. It’s time the Government stand up and take full responsibility for their actions, they have caused so much destruction and the impact of it will fall on the people, the working man.

We the people are the ones who will suffer the worst if and when this pandemic ever settles, those suffering with health issues, be it mental, physical and or emotional are suffering now, the economy has taken one of the biggest knocks ever, and it’s the people who are now out of work, with little help from the Government who are struggling most.

The average annual salary of a Government employee is around £70000+ and that’s not including their budget and expenses (Which some of them falsify) for the year.

Yet, the average annual salary for a working man/woman £31461 and in some cases that may be for a family of four+ Where is the logic? With inflation rising yearly, and now more than ever we see huge rises in food prices, private rents are through the roof, due to the pandemic and that’s the knock on effect, the annual salary only goes up by a smidgen if at all?

It had to be said!


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