No Retrieval of Audio Recordings!

No Retrieval of Audio Recordings!

It came to light in the last week that the ‘Audio Recordings of Testimonies’ from the survivors of the Mother & Baby Homes had been destroyed. SHOCK HORROR, As you can imagine the utter disbelief of the survivors.

It was reported on 16 Feb 2021 that the Children’s Minister Roderic O’Gorman stated that the recording CANNOT be retrieved? Another SHOCK!

He stated, as follows; The commission have replied today stating that they DON’T BELIEVE, that the material can be retrieved.

Now correct me if I am wrong? It is of my belief that when a subject of such a significant nature, (especially that which involves The State, The Law, The church or any other Governing/higher body) Must be recorded not only in audio form, but also written, witnessed and signed AND, must include a back up copy of any and all statements given.

I am absolutely appalled and shocked that this has happened, I feel for the survivors who not only waited so long to be able to give their testimony but who for such a long time waited while plucking up the courage to be able to talk about what happened to them and their mothers.

There have been huge discrepancies and flaws in the way in which the State are handling this whole situation from the very start, still the incompetence of those who have been trusted to help the survivors has come to light.

The survivors are hurt and angry and who can blame them? Listen to Teresa Collins and Breeda Murphy Talking to Fran on TIPP FM on the link below.


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