Publication of Research Report on Mother and Baby Homes and Magdalene Laundries in Northern Ireland

The following information and links below have been copied by me Belinda Conniss for the survivors and their supporters of Religiously Run Institutions as is with the Commission of Investigation in the Republic of Ireland and for the benefit of those who wish to research for the purpose of historical facts.

All links below will also take you to the relevant website:

Executive Summary

Historical, Social and Legislative Context 

Individual Institutions

Mother and Baby Homes and Workhouses

Magdalene Laundries

Further Research


Download the report in full

Counselling / Mental Health Support Services

Mental health and counselling support services are available to anyone affected by historical practice in this area. Access to help and support in your locality, including through your GP and specialised healthcare professionals, can be accessed on the Minding Your Head website:

Lifeline is a free, confidential telephone helpline. It is available anytime every day.

  • Telephone 0808 808 8000

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