Crimes Against Humanity, is it now time to go all the way?


If we go back to 2012 when the headlines came out in regard to the Tuam Mother and Baby Home in Co Galway, we can be forgiven for thinking this was not so long ago.

However, in reality when we consider the investigations, before, during and after the final ‘Commission of Investigation Report’ and were it stands today, nine years on, it is in fact a very long time ago, too long!

Still the survivors are no further forward, still there are cover-up’s and excuse after excuse.

I recently read a status on Social Media’s Facebook that the Garda have said; ‘There is insufficient evidence to build a case in order to pursue criminal proceedings against anyone’.

Yet what took place in these institutions in, MOST CASES and in my and many others eyes is very sufficient, to hold those who committed such crimes accountable.

Mental, Physical & Sexual Abuse, Rape, Illegal Trafficking of Children (By Falsification of Signed Documents by the Mother’s), Stripping Woman of their Identities, Hard labour up until the very hour prior to giving birth. Refusal of pain medication during and after labour, Illegal Burial of Children in Mass Graves, Non exsistant Medical Care of a Registered Practisioner, Missing Birth and Death Records, Vaccination Trials by some Unlicenced Authority.

The list goes on and on, so tell me where is there not sufficient evidence to go to trial?

Yet, in a report by the RTE on Thursday 29 April 2021 it was reported that the Garda Commissioner stated; ‘There are allegations within the report of the Mother and Baby Home Commission that suggest there was serious criminality engaged in’.

Drew Harris told a meeting of the Policing Authority that allegations such as rape, incest and reports of children as young as 12 being pregnant are issues that could be pursued by Garda that could have criminal justice outcomes.

So yet again, there is much concern for the survivors in conflicting information, there doesn’t seem to be any one body who can give a definitive answer in response to those being held to account for their crimes.

It comes across that all concerned are being left in the dark, again, and only add’s to the survivors thoughts of the levels of corruption within the organisation and all who are connected to it.

People have to remember that serious crimes were committed in such Religious Institutions, it wasn’t just Mother and Baby Homes, it went on in Magdalene Laundries, Orphanages, and even Religiously Run School’s.

It didn’t only happen in Ireland, it went on around the globe on a HUGE scale.

I have been researching the Statute of Limitations on historical crimes, they seems to stop short when it comes to the crimes committed by Religious Orders. Why?

Why? Are the church so untouchable? Most importantly who set the rules?

I only had to read this title; ‘Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court‘ that said it all for me.

I have gone in search of ‘Why can’t the Catholic Church be sued for historical crimes relating to mother and baby homes’. Only to come up against a brick wall, literally! I have drawn my own conclusion to the reason my desktop is just a white page.

So where does that leave the survivors? It seems that all the questions are either not answered or simply given a rubber ear, except of course the few who have and are going above and beyond to help them.

As many already know my short documentary had to be postponed due to Covid and travel restrictions, however it will still happen as soon as I can make it happen.

‘Behind Closed Doors’ Will contain footage from several mother and baby homes including Sean Ross Abbey and Tuam, as well a discussion from several survivors connected to the homes.

It will continue with footage and discussions in regards to one of Scotland’s most talked about, namely; ‘Smyllum Park Orphanage’

TAKEN, FROM THE ARMS OF MY MOTHER is something I am working on right now, around summer 2022 I’m looking to introduce at least one of the survivors of any religiously run institution be it mother & baby home, magdalene laundry or orphanage.

There are several people who have privately contacted me whom I will be talking to once safe to travel and have an overnight stay in a hotel, which we hope will be towards the end of the year. Fingers crossed.

Anyone else who would like to get involved with either TAKEN, FROM THE ARMS OF MY MOTHER with their own story, and or Behind Closed Doors. Please get in touch either on the contact page here on my website or via social media. (Links below).



All correspondence in the first instance will remain private.

If you are a supporter of the survivors of the mother and baby homes then please purchase my book ‘Behind Closed Doors’ on Amazon:

By purchasing a copy you will have helped in donating to the cause and I thank you in advance.


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