#NHS Waiting Times

NHS Waiting Times

Why doesn’t it surprise me that yet again the NHS are all over the news? Here’s the thing though, these waiting lists have been an ongoing issue for a number of years now.

Granted we are seeing the cases rising due to Covid-19 but it doesn’t take the brains of Einstein to solve these problems!

So who is at fault, Us? Absolutely NOT. We can go round in circles talking about issues such as where our National Insurance and Tax is going but what’s the point? We all know how the system is basically being screwed by many, including the Government.

We can also rant and rave about the HUGE pot of money being sent overseas for Military Weapons, Yes, I said it again and I’ll keep saying it.

Our nurses and doctors have worked their fingers to the bone to date, often with lack of sleep and hunger, causing emotional and physical stress not only on them but their families too.

Job cuts is another problem within the NHS, those who choose a life of caring for others, saving their lives etc are the backbone of this country and many other countries, treat them with the respect they deserve.

YOU! The Government need to take huge pay cuts and put your money where your mouth is, if you really care about peoples welfare and those who care and treat people then pay them a decent wage.

Employ more nurses and doctors, there are so many out there who would gladly come back or take up a potion within the NHS IF

1. They are being paid for their HARD WORK AND DEDICATION.

2. They are working reasonable hours, not in some cases as much as 80 hours a week.

Take a good hard look at this country, open your eyes and actually see what past Governments have done and instead of adding to the hardship, start repairing it.

Many have sadly left their jobs because their mental wellbeing and that of their families is more important to them, I’m not saying they don’t care about patients welfare, of course they do, but what about their own welfare? They cannot and should not be expected to run around like headless chickens for a meagre wage.

Sadly that’s exactly what the minister for health and the Government want, well, it’s not on. STOP sending huge pots of money overseas, help others yes, by all means, but there has to be a limit.

For starters the Government pay themselves way too much including annual fee’s for things like second homes, if you want a second home then pay for it yourself NOT from the tax payers hard earned money, decorating, private plane journeys, eating out and everything else they are claiming for.

I’ve had my say, but there is so much more, I speak for the people of this country, I speak for the nurses and doctors and I will continue to speak for them until you show us that you are not only listening but are prepared to do what is right and just.

#nursesanddoctors #fightforjustice #mentalhealthandwellbeing #caringforothers #yourlifematters #ourlifematters #governmentreform


One thought on “#NHS Waiting Times

  1. Well Said and more power to your arm to keep writing and try to even up this world and look after our trusted NHS.


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