#MeghanandHarry In The News Again via #ThomasMarkle News

Meghan & Harry In The News Again via Thomas Markle News

So, again more news regarding Thomas Markle trending on Twitter this morning and this one via ‘The Daily Express’ 

Quote: Thomas Markle to ‘bare his soul’ in bombshell interview on Meghan and Harry TONIGHT.

I do wonder if what people say; ‘A deflection from Prince Andrew’ May be true? However, that aside what really is the purpose of all this tit for tat?

I really wish people would leave both Meghan and Harry alone, let them live their lives in peace for goodness sake.

Harry was by no fault of his own born into the Royal Family, did I agree with him leaving? Was I surprised that he walked away? No, I wasn’t.

It was only a matter of time before he went his own way and trust me he would have walked away be it when he did or in five years time, and rightly so.

We all know that there is a sense of duty to uphold as a Royal and believe me when I tell you he isn’t the first and won’t be the last Royal member to have had thoughts of what it would be like to live a normal life.

Even the Queen at some point during her Reign would have had these thoughts, unfortunately for her she had no choice in the matter, just read your history books.

But getting back to Harry, he felt that the time was right for him to take a back seat, all he ever wanted was some normality in his life, were he could walk down the street, go shopping have a day out like everyone else without having to stand tall, shoulders up straight and not look like he is desperate for the toilet!

I guess what I’m saying is IF this had been Prince William then I would understand all the anger, but it wasn’t William it was his little brother who has no interest in becoming a future King let alone a working Royal.

I do however understand the level of anger towards the fact that he bore his soul pretty much on ‘Oprah’ and various other interviews, he/they should have kept what they felt between themselves until they could both sit down privately with the family and work towards mending their differences and bring to attention the things they are accusing the family of.

Unfortunately many people both sides of the pond have a dislike of Meghan, this is where it gets complicated, because she is married to Harry, so now we have everyone jumping in the bandwagon blaming Meghan for all the upset and Harry walking away from Royal duties and the U.K

What about all the Netflix and Spotify deal? So what, they have to earn a crust and live, they have to be able to sustain their family. What’s going on everyone? Why would you be shouting from the rooftops about what they are doing to earn their money?

Is it perhaps jealousy? Trust me Royal or not if I was offered a healthy amount of money that would keep my family then I would take it too, so do me a favour, just suck it up!

Yes, I agree with those who are raging about the way they both discuss private matters regarding their families, it definitely should be private between them and their families, I also agree that baby Lilibet should have been given another name, my guess is it may have been their way of trying to heal the rift and undo previous upset put on the family.

I think Lilibet should have been in the middle e’g ‘Diana Lilibet’ May have been more appropriate, but seriously leave them alone, life is too short for all this.

We as a nation and throughout the world have enough on our plates Covid and everything else that is going on, unfortunately there are many around the world who have been suffering for decades and worse now with the effects of the Pandemic and Lockdown.

Let’s talk about how we are going to repair a very damaged world, business sectors etc, people are suffering for many reasons including mental health, suicides, homelessness and so much more, let’s focus on how we can all come together as equals and begin healing what’s broken. 



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