War of Nations #Afghanistan

War of Nations

The British Government is not without complicity when it comes to being influenced by the American Government, America has never been great, nor will they be, they are equal to any other country.

The British and American Government need to understand just how hated they are around the world and that’s never going to change, period!

One of the things that infuriates us, the taxpayer, not only in Britain but also in America, it’s our hard earned cash that is paying for all this conflict.

There was never any need to be in Afghanistan or any other country for that matter, they decided to attack under the guise of helping those countries, all they did was go in there and add fuel to the fire THEY had already started and all for monetary gain.

Britain and America had gone into those countries with a plan of action and that was to start a war, only to leave when the flames got too high.

We here in Britain and America have our own issues that need to be resolved, but hey! Shame on me for bringing it up, I’ve probably opened up a can of worms by doing so, but someone needs to speak out.

We have so much poverty, hunger and homelessness, but no! Let’s not talk about that because the Government both sides of the pond don’t want to sort that shit out do they?

Of course they don’t because that would mean having to dig deep into their filthy rich pockets and dispense some of the money stolen from the taxpayer and through military weapon donations.

How many soldiers, young men and women whose lives have been lost through the conflict? Needless deaths leaving families without mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters.

The amount of lies the British and American Government have told the world to justify their actions is unbelievable, yet, so many defend their actions, why?

When we see civilians clinging to a plane 10,000 feet from the ground to try and escape the Taliban then we must ask ourselves, why?

When does it STOP! That plane should never have left the runway knowing hundreds of individuals were clinging to ‘Dear Life’.

So many military and naval youngsters being brainwashed into thinking they were/are fighting for their country, it beggars belief.

People need to wake up to the fact that those Governments don’t just start wars in other countries, they also insight hatred amongst each other.

After 9/11 for instance, there was a rise in hate crimes and a stigma against Muslims. It’s my view and that of many others I’m sure, that Britain and America sort their own shit out and STOP! Interfering in others business.


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