There is a dark cloud that looms over Ireland which sits heavy on the shoulders of those who suffered historical abuses and that of those who were illegally adopted, and those who allowed it to happen.

‘Beautiful Ireland’ That’s what people say, and indeed it is, but for many there is a thick smog that lies between those shores and the land where so many secrets have been taken to the grave.

Their branches may have moved in various directions but their roots remain the same and nobody has the right to say; ‘A crooked branch will never straighten’.

In other words, nobody has the right to take a child from the arms of their mother and place them in a new home and expect them to acclimatise themselves to a new way of life and with strangers.

The secrets that were buried along with thousands of children in unconsecrated grounds all over Ireland as well as other countries are secrets no more, now, the world knows just how evil those Religiously Run Institutions really were.

The atrocities that took place didn’t stop at mother and baby homes, they took place in the laundries too and also in orphanages and homes for boys and girls.

So what happens now? Now that we all know the truth, they say if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Ireland has and for the most part still is so broken that a lame apology from the Vatican cannot fix the damage that was done. 

It’s very unfortunate that those at the top refuse to acknowledge that every human being has a right to know where they came from, they have and still remain to breach human rights and still condemn those who THEY BELIEVE have committed a sin.

While there are some Government bodies who are on the side of the survivors and who try to do what they can to help, they will forever be breaching the laws of Religious Orders.

That can also be said for the orphanages, countless beating, mental abuse and sexual abuse took place in so many institutions run by Religious Orders, yet they still refuse to acknowledge the damage suffered even now many years after it took place.

There are so many secrets that are now coming to light, it’s affected so many including the people of Canada after finding indigenous children’s bodies in mass graves.

Why were the Catholic Church and so many others involved in so much crime? Some knew what was going on, yet said nothing. 

No organisation or other should be allowed to dictate who should have a place in this world, who should live and who should die, the secrets of Religious Orders is vast, buried deep within the walls of the Vatican, the power they hold over the people, organisations and others should be addressed, Religion should be banned.

Behind the scenes the smog is slowly lifting because finally many have been able to talk about it, but until there is a resolution and the needs of the survivors are met in so far that their human rights are met, the darkness that hovers over Ireland and others will remain and will pass on to their children for many years to come.


Secrets to the Grave, the dark side of the white collar will be published in 2022/23


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