George Galloway vs the US Senate 

Full Testimony

Photo Credit: libquote

As soon as he uttered those words, I knew the Senate would regret calling him to account.

This is the third time I have watched this video via YouTube and I have to say, it gives me so much pleasure watching how cool, calm and collected Mr Galloway was on that day.

This is how to do it, no raised voices, no profanity, but, he will use terms that make it obvious not only to us the viewers but also the Senate and any other who try to cross him with their false accusations, I guess they weren’t prepared for the fact that he had evidence to prove their false allegations.

Any Individual Corrupt or not who think they can get one over on him need to do their homework, because trust me, George Galloway has and will most certainly have done his prior to any meeting face to face or otherwise.

In this video you will see just how embarrassing it was for the US Senate to have called George to answer to their lies, well, I bet they wished they had NOT had the audacity to have called him forth, because he sure had all the evidence and his own dossier to hand.

George Galloway will put blood, sweat and tears into fighting for the rights of those who have been and are wronged by the corruption of officials and you all know who they are.

Do not be mistaken, he WILL stand his ground, he will NOT lay down and keep quiet, he will expose those same corrupt officials who have lied, stolen and killed thousands with their fake justification.

A recommended watch! Click the link below.

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