Disclaimer for the FB Group; WE ARE STILL HERE.


Copyright Updated Sept 2021

Copyright © 2020-2021 All Rights Reserved

• The MODERATOR Belinda Conniss will primarily be responsible for any GRAPHICS and or CONTENT that may be required and or on request by the ADMINS Michael Donovan and Teresa Collins e;g (advertising posters in the event of upcoming events, and or newsletters and such like).

• As MODERATOR Belinda Conniss has been given permission by the ADMINS Michael Donovan and Teresa Collins if and when necessary to SHARE, LIKE AND COMMENT on content of the group WE ARE STILL HERE and MAY if and when instructed/required include CONTENT on the Website: belindaconnissofficial.org otherwise known as SOFA TALK MEDIA for the purpose of any PODCAST/S and or DOCUMENTARY/S in connection to Mother & Baby Homes and or Magdalene Laundries and or other, this DOES NOT and WILL NOT include any PRIVATE mail from any member/non-member business and or other including that of ADMIN Michael Donovan and Teresa Collins.

• WE ARE STILL HERE ADMINS Michael Donovan and Teresa Collins are in full support of SOFA TALK MEDIA podcast and Documentary channel in regard to the advertising for individuals in Ireland and or other who have a connection to the Mother and Baby Homes and or other run by Religious Orders for the purpose of producing podcast and or documentary material in terms of: TO EDUCATE, RAISE AWARENESS and or INFORM

• WE ARE STILL HERE ADMINS Michael Donovan and Teresa Collins and including MODERATOR Belinda Conniss WILL comply in full with all of the above aforementioned, and WILL NOT under any circumstances pass on any PRIVATE Information, and or PRIVATE Mail to any Third Parties and or other EXCEPT in compliance with the LAW in the event that it being required.

• WE ARE STILL HERE ADMINS Michael Donovan and Teresa Collins and MODERATOR Belinda Conniss CANNOT and WILL NOT be responsible for any content/ documentation/photography submitted by members, non-members, businesses and or other that is/ was legally bound by and for the purpose of confidentiality and privacy by an authoritative figure and we CANNOT be held liable for such.

• WE ARE STILL HERE ADMINS Michael Donovan and Teresa Collins and including MODERATOR Belinda Conniss DO NOT accept responsibility nor liability in the event individuals e;g members, non-members, businesses and or other who have signed any ‘Gagging Order’ which requires them NOT to discuss historical issues which includes naming of individuals connected to any and or all Religiously Run Institution dead or alive before, during and or after any submission of content, documentation, photography and or other

• WE ARE STILL HERE ADMINS Michael Donovan and Teresa Collins along with MODERATOR Belinda Conniss agree that at any time if they so wish one or all may leave the group, or IF required to by LAW may close the group in the event of unlawful behaviour and or content by them and or members, non-members, business and or other.

• Whilst WE ARE STILL HERE group/forum has been created for survivors, their families and or supporters, we understand that those who were born in such institutions (The Survivors) some of whom have not found connection to their (Biological Mothers) WE WILL take every precaution to insure the PRIVACY in all instances including that of possible future contact of relatives. We also understand that sadly many (Biological Mothers) have/are suffering in silence and have been for many years. IF and WHEN Any (Biological Mother) wishes to contact the ADMINS Michael Donovan and or Teresa Collins or both together PRIVATELY they may do so by Email: (See Links Below) Anything discussed privately WILL remain private unless they require help in any way, nothing will be done or spoken of without their permission, nor will any contact, involvement, information including receiving of documents and or photographs be given to any third party.

Information including the ‘Fair Use Policy’ can be viewed in the NOTES section of the Facebook Group: WE ARE STILL HERE. Thank you for taking the time to read through the Disclaimer and we are looking forward to connecting with you, the survivors, your families and supporters.

~Together we are strong, because together we suffered, we know! And we will continue to support each other as we wait through these difficult times.

God Bless x
Michael, Teresa, Belinda


Copyright © 2020-2022 All Rights Reserved
WE ARE STILL HERE Michael Donovan, Teresa Collins, Belinda Conniss
Email: donovanmichael1966@gmail.com | teresacollins31@gmail.com

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