‘The headlines that caught my eye’

£60M spent on Westminster ’Vanity Project’ as benefits are cut, exclusive SNP MP says; Use of big sums on buildings is ’abhorrent’ as Tories slash the incomes of the poorest people in the U.K

As thousands of households are seeing their income slashed coupled with the rise on national insurance, we are hearing of the vast amounts of tax payers money being spent on Westminster.

£60M to be precise and Downing Street declined to comment, I wonder why? The house of Commons Commission said; The works was necessary and required ‘Specialist skills’.

So what exactly was done that requires specialists skills? Are you ready for this?

Upgrades to the doors of the Central Lobby ran to an estimated £3.8m according to the disclosure, whilst £4.6m had been approved for the river terrace stone restoration programme.
Work to replace encaustic tiles which is now completing, will have a price tag of around £11.8m and refurbishments to 11 ’Priority’ lifts runs to £5.05m.

The rest of that work to 42 other elevators in the Palace of Westminster and 15 elsewhere, has an estimated cost of £35.9m and the list goes on.

We can understand the outrage of the public when you take into account that on one hand £20.00 is being cut from their income and on the other National Insurance contributions are going up.

As if this was not bad enough, its all happening at a time when the nation has suffered and still suffering the effects of not only a pandemic but lockdowns too which has caused many to lose their job and or businesses.

The U.K Government have no clue, or do they? Just what they have done to this nation and its people, do they even care?

An expert on EU affairs has urged Scotland to ’Save themselves while they can by getting out of the U.K’ The Union is “Irrevocably politically f*****”.

According to leaked emails, the Indyref2 campaign will be ramped up next month, there are plans to hold the U.K Government to account and prepare for the tasks ahead in the drive to win the arguments for independence.

Covid permitting, Nicola Sturgeon has pledged to hold a second legal independence referendum before 2023.

So watch this space folks because the SNP are 100 percent committed to pushing this through and who can blame them? After the first referendum which was lost by only a few votes, we will see many more Scots ticking that YES Box second time around.

We are now suffering a deep depression that is only going to get worse, Brexit, or as many now call it ‘Brexs***’ and I have to agree has brought the nation nothing but added financial misfortune and a fallout with our neighbours.

We were doing just fine with trade deals prior to Brexit (It wasn’t broken, so why fix it?) I don’t know what the future holds for us but I can tell you this, although I’m pretty sure you already know, the younger generation are in for one hell of a bumpy ride!

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