Cost of Living Crisis

U.K Inflation and the Impact on Low Income Families

Image Credit: Office for National Statistics

There are many low income families who have struggled before and during the pandemic who right now are at their wits end wondering just how they are going to cope going forward.

With the loss of the £20.00 Universal Credit (A meagre amount given to those on low income, but a lot to those who received it). And the rising cost of food, we have been hit with another bombshell.

Inflation has jumped to 3.2% since back in 2012 and its beginning to show on the most vulnerable, I could actually cry right now because I can feel the pain that those on low income are feeling.

Not only have the prices risen within the travel industry, restaurants and hotels. Energy prices, council tax and much more are going through the roof.

While all this is going on and weighing heavy on those effected most, the shelves in our stores are beginning to fill up with Christmas items.

More people than ever are having to resort to food banks just to feed their children, while many of their parents go without, how is that even justified?

Read my previous blog ’The National(That may explain exactly where our money is going). I honestly don’t know how the Government can sleep at night? Because trust me, there are thousands who don’t.

Many have lost their jobs and businesses not only through this pandemic but through the lack of ’I don’t give a hoot attitude from the Government’.

We need someone with some common clout to run this country, who understands the people and are for the people, someone who will bring us into the Twenty-First Century, not someone who is taking us back to the early 1900s and prior.

We are a very broken nation and we need someone who can fix it, not some cowboy, we have walked away from our neighbours all because a seed was planted in the minds of the people only for someone else to be left holding the watering can. (Unfortunately the water in the can was filthy, so that seed was a non-starter).

It is no laughing matter, instead of rolling around your seats with laughter, yawning and sleeping on the job, let’s get serious because it isn’t You who has to go without food, it isn’t You who has no heating on through winter, it isn’t You who can’t pay your bills, it isn’t You who has to explain to your children you can’t afford a good Christmas, it isn’t You who has to work two jobs (Assuming one can even get a second job).

It isn’t You who lies awake at night with tears running down your face wondering if you have enough food to put into your child’s mouth, it isn’t You who is suffering 24/7 wondering is it all worth it?

The statistics show that ’Mental Health’ Figures are at their highest for a multitude of reasons, this ‘Deep Depression’ The nation is in right now is about to blow its lid unless You who put us there, fix it!

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