The blog below ⬇️ Was just this morning posted on my sister site and I have copied and pasted here to save typing it all out again. So for this page it will be to follow for those who follow me here, please feel free to follow me there ⬆️ too. Thank you in advance to all who follow me on both (sofa talk media and

Good morning everyone, How are you all keeping? While we still have this pandemic Covid-19 it seems there is some decline in cases and deaths, the pandemic may well be here for good? But let’s hope that it disappears as quick as it arrived, at least for now we are not still on lockdown.

This last two years for all of us has been horrendous to say the least and now we are suffering the after effects of the lockdown.

I think from Brexit onwards we have seen a rise not only in poverty but job loses too. Many people are suffering really badly and homelessness is most certainly rising rapidly. 

So, I wanted to just have a little chat this morning and bring you all up to speed with what’s happening now and what is coming soon, just a little blog really.

I’m sitting here in bed writing this, it’s now 8.36am (Well it is Saturday, right) I was planning for a little extra sleep due to the fact I have been up at the crack of dawn this last week, I’ve had my decorator in again to freshen everything up in time for Christmas, well actually, not just for Christmas it’s long overdue because lockdown prevented me from having it all done.

On the back of that I am online deciding which furniture I’m going to buy from for my bedroom, don’t you just love IKEA? I do, but I get frustrated because they have so much to choose from which makes it difficult for me to choose, I love it all.

I’ve been awake since 5.15am; My daughter is away for the weekend as she is filming (I can’t tell you what she and the rest of the crew are filming) But I’m sure I can reveal it soon though.

As per I am the over-protective mother making sure she has her money, phone, house keys etc etc etc, then of course I do my usual ‘I love you heaps’, please drive safe and let me know when you have arrived and keep in touch regular so I know you are safe. It drives her nuts and my other daughters and my husband too.

But hey, I am a mum and we are all the same. Just because our children grow up doesn’t mean we have to worry less, in fact, if anything we worry more. (Why do they have to grow up)? Besides she is filming in a very remote location and not to mention a long way from home.

Anyway enough of that, as you will see by the title SOFA TALK MEDIA & INSIDEOUTLASTYLE I would like and be grateful if you would also follow me on that page too, which is also connected to my other Twitter:

At SOFA TALK MEDIA you’ll also notice this is where I will do verbal/written podcasts and documentaries the latter coming to my YouTube Channel again SOFA TALK MEDIA between 2022/23.

The documentary ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Should have been filmed back in early 2020 however, due to Covid and Lockdowns it had to be presponed on several occasions.

All being well filming will be taking place in Tipperary, Ireland in summer 2022 and will be screening between then and the beginning of 2023, seems like a long time I know, but when you take into consideration filming, sound, lighting and editing etc. 

I am also making plans again, (Hopefully this time it won’t be cancelled for any more travel restrictions) To travel down south to record a verbal podcast with a gentleman I have been in touch with on and off for the last two years about his time in ‘Smyllum Park Orphanage’.

I also have two new books coming out in 2022Secrets to the Grave & Royal Blood & Bastards So this is another reason to follow SOFA TALK MEDIA and on Twitter.

Remember also that you can get in touch with me via Twitter DM at or on the contact form here and SOFA TALK MEDIA If you had any connection to any of the Religiously Run Institutions and or other that you wish to discuss, if you would like to join one of my forthcoming podcasts or just to have your story told through a written podcast (Blog).

Your Anonymity will be adhered to if you wish and your information will NOT be passed to any third party. Please take the time to read the disclaimer both here on this website and or the sister website SOFA TALK MEDIA.

Well, that little blog has turned into a rather longish one, I am in the process of a clean-up on this website: (You know what they say, a good clean up is as good as a rest and productive). I will also be leaving one of my facebooks behind and concentrating on the new one Anyone who wishes to follow the new one please do.

Until next time, stay safe.

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