No’ 10 #ItsMyParty While Hundreds Were Dying.

No’ 10 It’s my party, while hundreds were dying.

Featured Image Credit: ITV News – Video Credit: Sky News on YouTube (Listen very carefully, you will hear someone telling her to be careful).

Millions watched as the PM’s then press secretary Allegra Stratton answered a question in relation to a Christmas Party held at No’ 10.

Her answer to the said question about reports of a party in Downing Street. (“The fictional party was a business meeting and it wasn’t socially distanced”). shocked the nation and has left those who lost loved ones in absolute horror.

While Downing Street insists that no party took place, A source had previously confirmed that a party did take place on Dec 18, with “Several Dozen” People in attendance.

Around the time of Allegra Stratton’s statement Boris Johnston was announcing to the country that strict lockdown rules would be put in place over the Christmas period, which meant many would not see their loved ones during this period.

Sadly while their relatives lay dying and the rules meant they could not be with them before, during or after, No’ 10 were partying away with no regard for the public, breaking all the same rules they put in place.

Ms Stratton at one point during the interview had the audacity to ask; “Is this being recorded” Well for me, that says it all.

Since the start of Covid we have witnessed rules being broken by many of the PM’s aids including inconsistencies, lack of clarification, no real justification and a continued web of lies.

Actually, those faults have been way before Covid if we look at the state of our Country.

We have said; Enough is enough for long enough, yet, we are still not being heard.

It’s now time for Mr Johnston to GO, he should have been out the door long before now, this is NOT his first mistake and most definitely won’t be his last.

We the public are sick to the back teeth of the lies of leaders not only now but prior to this Government who put profit before people, who clearly have no regard for the dying in any situation, who cannot put in place or pay for the resources needed for example to the NHS, the Education System and so much more.

If the Government had put in place the correct plan of action at the first sign of the Covid outbreak and the news of people dying, we would not be in the mess we are in today.

Millions around the world have lost their lives during this Pandemic but just how many have they said was due to Covid? Was every death due to Covid?

Mr Johnston, pack your suitcase and walk away, you have made one mistake too many.

#theshame #ChristmasParty #BorisJohnston #lies #deceit #rulebreaking #BorisMustGo

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