Do As You Please #BorisJohnston

Do As You Please Boris Johnston

I have come across many disrespectful people in my life but none as; ‘Discourteous’ As Boris Johnston and those under him who allegedly partied on the eve of Prince Philips Funeral.

I mean, can you imagine the scene? Party at 10 Downing Street, boozing away, dancing and larking around while the head of State mourns her husband?

Accordingly to a No’10 Spokesman Boris Johnson wasn’t present on that day? Whether he was there or not the party went ahead.

I don’t care that it was a leaving party, I care about what was going on throughout the rest of the country while we were explicitly told we MUST stay home and save lives.

Thousands of people have died, (Some unnecessarily) Businesses have gone bust, people have lost their jobs, food and energy bills have gone through the roof with no wage rises to cover the cost of such inflation, NHS Staff have either left their jobs due to total exhaustion and or being sacked because of (THIER CHOICE) not to have the Vaccination, yet, here is a man in a position to help the people and does the complete opposite.

This Government is all about ‘Profit before People’ They even profit from Homelessness and that’s why nothing seems to be done to help those who are cold, starving and suffering.

Mental Health is at an all time high, many operations being left for longer periods resulting in unnecessary severe illness or even premature death, nobody can see a doctor face to face instead having to speak on the phone or via zoom.

When does it all STOP? When will the people of this country be able to trust again? We no longer trust our doctors, the very people we rely on to keep us well and alive, when can we trust those who are responsible for our country?

It seems to me that those in a position to help others are just pleasing themselves and it’s not on, the people have spoken Boris Johnston must go, he must walk away leaving the position of Prime Minister to someone who is for the people, who will put People before profit.

We are a sinking ship and someone needs to come in and save us before we go under completely.

COVID-19 & Lockdown Rules From April 12 2021

Of course Boris Johnson seems to think a lame apology and that he didn’t realise a party was taking place after a leaked email stating he had sent out 100 invites (Bring your own booze) Was enough to satisfy the nation? Nope, I’m afraid not Boris.

The image I cannot get out of my head is of HM The Queen sat by herself in the Church at the funeral of her husband. Take a long hard look Boris, how do you feel?

HM Queen Elizabeth II 17 April 2021

While he was giving the Nation his (Heartfelt Apology) And doing his ever so naughty schoolboy act, I actually was seething with anger with not only the image of HM The Queen in mind but the thousands of people who COULD NOT attend funerals of their families never mind the fact that they were unable to be at their bedside before, during or after.

Boris Johnston Apology.

The Apology

According to a No’10 Spokesperson Boris Johnston was not at the Downing Street on the evening of 16th where civil servants gathered on two separate occasions for Mr Slack and a personal photographer of the prime minister’s Leaving do, but was in fact at his country retreat in Buckinghamshire?

(He is lucky to have a country retreat because many people have now lost their homes).

Regardless if he was there or not, it is his responsibility to have handed them their P45 not only for gathering during Covid Rules but for partying the very night before Prince Philip’s Funeral, if he was there? Then he should do the right thing and resign.

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