Patrick Mcdermott – Shapes In The Shadows

Patrick McDermott – Shapes In The shadows

Patrick McDermott was born in Sean Ross Abbey in 1953 and is one of many who are embroiled in a continuous battle for answers.

When Patrick’s mother became pregnant her family decided to remove her from her home in Drumshambo, Ireland and sent her to Sean Ross Abbey Mother & Baby Home.

Sean Ross Abbey was a Catholic Institution run by The Sisters of The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. You can be forgiven for thinking that this place was somewhere that would help the mothers and their children, but we all know that was not the case.

Patrick has written a collection of his memoirs which are very poignant to him and other survivors, his memoirs are not only a very interesting read but helps us to understand the scale of the atrocities that took place in such institutions.

You can read ‘Shapes In The Shadows’ on the link below which was kindly posted by Patrick on the Facebook Group WE ARE STILL HERE

Further reading on Sean Ross Abbey and other Institutions including updates can be read on the links below.

Teresa Collins & Michael Donovan

The Commission of investigation Report – chapter 19

You can also purchase a copy of ‘Behind Closed Doors’ The Baby Brokers by Belinda Conniss on the link below whereby a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Sean Ross Abbey Committee In Roscrea, Tipperary.

These donations will apply year on year at the commemorations that take place in memory of all who suffered and died.

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