If you can’t say anything nice to your fellow man, then please keep quiet!

Featured Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska

I feel heartbroken when I read some of the terrible comments on social media regarding the ‘Cost of living payment’. Why on earth would people object and say such harsh things to those who need that help? sadly, it’s going to get worse.

We are going back rather than forward, people are living by the seat of their pants, food banks are struggling to feed those most in need, it’s so bad that those who were fortunate enough to give to food banks, no long can.

I’m very angry that people commenting on those on benefits saying; they should get a job, I mean really! Have you heard yourselves? I used to be that person who said; Folks should be working until the reality of the situation became apparent.

There are a multitude of reasons why some people are on benefits, think yourself lucky that you have a job and are in the fortunate position to pay your bills and feed your family.

I have been talking to several people who are struggling real bad and I’m going to give you an example of a working family’s monthly wage and outgoings, please remember there are many who don’t earn from this example they earn so much less and the outgoing depend on the area you live.

Average wage for a couple combined after Tax & NI deductions

Husband £750.00 Wife (Works part time) £350.00 = £1100.00

Mortgage £285.00 (For some it’s double)

C. Tax £220.00

Elec (Now) £130.00

Gas (Now). £70.00

Shopping. £360.00

Fuel. £180.00 (Average)

School Meals. £45.00. (Average)

Total outgoing per month = £1290.00

Instead of people trying to outdo one another why not turn your attention on the Government who incidentally are very much to blame for the state of affairs we see ourselves in today, actually its been that way for many years, it’s just worse now.

Many who voted to leave the EU thought it would help keep down the flow of immigration and people entering our (Already bursting at the seems country). That was not the case, you were led into a false sense of security.

The Government have and always will lie through their teeth, they will continue to give us false hope, what have they actually done for this country other than force us into poverty, businesses going bust, children starving (Some only having one meal a day). It’s take, take, take with with them and those on the poverty line are poorer now than they were.

Sadly we live in a world where ‘Profit before people’ is the norm. What I would like to see is the Government living on an average wage like everyone else, for them to be paying for their second homes on that wage NOT the Taxpayers money.

I want them to eat in their own homes not expensive restaurants and I would like to see so much less money going out of our country on funding military aid, if people knew the reality of the amount being funded they would be horrified.

We are continually questioning the Government spending, (I have touched on this before). What can we do? Nothing we say or do will change the level of corruption in this and other countries.

The fact of the matter is this, no more freedom of speech, no freedom of movement because they know exactly where we are, what we are spending and what we are spending it on, we are not allowed to have an opinion, the list goes on.

The Government have and always will put a divide not only between nations but also individuals, we live in a world full of hate, greed and corruption and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it, we are expected to say nothing and just, suck it up!

There is so much wrong that we are finding it hard to repair the damage, then there is homelessness, not all who live on the streets are what many call; ‘Beggars’ sadly many have found themselves homeless through no fault of their own.

How many more deaths on the streets before the Government take action? They won’t and I will tell you why. The Government believe it or not actually profit from homelessness. (A whole other story right there).

Just remember that at any given moment YOU or I could find ourselves in the same predicament, it only takes the loss of your job resulting in not being able to pay your bills or put food on your table and before you know it, it’s over.

So please keep in mind those who are less fortunate than you, you may be able to pay your way and put food on the table but how much have you left? How is your quality of life after working many hours just to survive? or worse having to work two or more jobs to survive? If you think about it we ‘Peasants’ (Because that’s what we are facing now) work to survive, there isn’t much time left for quality time with our families.

If you can help others then please do so, if you can’t and you don’t have anything good to say then please just don’t say anything.

There are many parents who lay crying into their pillows at night who can’t sleep for worrying how they will manage day to day, your words only add to that stress and those tears. Let’s not turn on each other because you are giving the Government exactly the reaction to this crisis they are looking for.


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