I’m a Proud Wife, Mother & Grandmother


The hardest working man I know, Jerry has worked in many locations which include; East Jerusalem, Gaza, Haiti, Kosovo & Albania with the United Nations. He was the first employee to have gained the ‘Ground Zero Award’ For his hard work and dedication too many projects including Gender Equality. His strongest message to his employees; Health and Safety is an absolute must.

My No’ 1

Sherri a mother of three Graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Honours in Accountancy, I’m so proud of her and all she has achieved, she is also a keen photographer and the woman behind the lens of some beautiful shots in family photoshoots and so much more.

My No’ 2

Chantelle works full time for a well known broadband company and is also a part time Nurse, just as she entered 5th year in high school she was offered an apprenticeship and after one year was taken on by the Company. This led to her taking an Engineering course and passed with flying colours. While in high school she gained her certificates in both Childcare and Hospitality, again I am so proud.

My No’ 3

Another proud mother moment, Michaela has had a passion for films and the behind the scenes since she was eight years of age, initially her father and I tried to get her into acting and she took drama classes, we could see the potential from a young age and she would have made a great actor, with her capabilities in voice-overs in various accents etc. However, it wasn’t to be, she always maintained she would rather be behind a camera than in front of one.

Fast forward to present day, she Graduated from Middlesex University with a Bachelor of Honours in film & media in 2021 but due to Covid couldn’t attend her Graduation until July 2022.

So all her hard work paid off and she has to date filmed short films one of which is up for a BAFTA, she has shot and filmed music videos and her latest film working with (Warner Brothers) being ‘Batgirl’ She is also a very good Photographer.

It doesn’t and won’t stop there #Director #producer #scriptwriter (This girl is going places).

*** UPDATE ***

As of 14.07.22 Our girl is now working on a new project with no other than Netflix. Amazing I’m actually stuck for words but so proud.

Rosie & Dawson

My world right there and not forgetting my little ragamuffins Rosie & Dawson. Having dogs can be such a burden with many restrictions but I wouldn’t be without them.

Quote: ~A dog Isn’t just a man’s best friend.


Then of course there is little old me, I left school back in 1981 with only five GCSE’s in English, Maths, Home Economics, Modern Studies and Business Studies. Back then there was no time for College etc, (I have between the years 1987-2019 been to College and passed various subjects including; Business Management, Personnel, Psychology, Creative Writing and Forensic Psychology). For most including me we had to leave school find a job and pay our way, of course I didn’t find a job right away, I had to sign on the dole. (How embarrassed I was).

I swore after that first time signing on I would never step foot in the place again and I didn’t, I found a job in a shoe shop, I also worked in an office (Secretarial Training) to learn how to type fast and file documents, then I moved into retail, manufacturing, catering and the travel industry.

I would work my way to supervisor in most of the jobs I had and I loved it. Fast forward to 2015 when I published my first book which then led to several more.

As well as writing, I am an amateur photographer. I’m a people person and boy do I love to talk 😉 I came up with SOFA TALK MEDIA A global written and verbal podcast (A working progress) After my first visit and studying more on the atrocities inflicted on individuals relating to ‘Religiously Run Institutions’ which then led to me to talking with other abuse survivors.

Due to the fact I am talking with several individuals relating to abuse I cannot divulge any information until we are ready to publish their stories which was put on hold throughout the Covid Pandemic. 

Now though things are beginning to move again and updates will be posted in due course, I am also producing several podcasts due to begin in the coming months on various subjects.


2 thoughts on “MEET MY FAMILY

    1. Definitely will never forget my extended family Ronnie and trust me I’m so grateful love you all x


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