#NHS Waiting Times

NHS Waiting Times Why doesn’t it surprise me that yet again the NHS are all over the news? Here’s the thing though, these waiting lists have been an ongoing issue for a number of years now. Granted we are seeing the cases rising due to Covid-19 but it doesn’t take the brains of Einstein to [...]

#PrincePhilip Duke of Edinburgh

LOOK - IN THE NEWS & TRENDING April 2021 A Prominent Figure Throughout The Commonwealth It was quiet, it was dignified and most importantly respected by the nation, what with Covid restrictions and in keeping with the Duke's wishes it was so refreshing that the nation respected the wishes of the family. look-april-2021-1Download SOFA TALK [...]

We Would Like Your Help! #showyoursupport

THE MOTHER AND BABY HOMES COMMISSION ARCHIVE IS ABOUT TO BE SEALED FOR 30 YEARS... I’m asking for your help in supporting the survivors of the former Mother & Baby Homes Run by Religious Orders. If you are not familiar with the atrocities inflicted by various religious orders then please read the history surrounding the following [...]