Diary 2021

Diary 2021 & Travel Log

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Today is indeed a good day, not only for myself but I’m pretty sure for so many others too, like the click of a switch that very cold spell has eased off and I can definitely feel a little rise in the temperature.

Spring is on the way, our days seem to be feeling a little longer even though the clocks have yet to change, probably due to the fact that the lighter nights are fast approaching us and boy does that feel good.

The good thing to come out of Covid-19 and the lockdown is the fact that so many of us have come to understand why we must never just take things for granted, to cherish what we have and who we have in our lives, because we won’t all be here forever sadly.

I will admit that for me certainly I have come to be really lazy, Lazy in that I haven’t had the mental or physical challenge in me to get more writing done, sure, I have done some home decorating and helped my daughter with her new home, and I have had days where I have done some writing and planning, but that oomph just hasn’t been there.

With the changes these past few days in the weather and the extra daylight I feel that oomph coming back, I’m getting excited!

So stay up to date, I will be posting more in my diary in the coming weeks/months, I will also be uploading my podcast which will be done this coming weekend after editing, after which I will upload a podcast at least once a week, while working on a few live podcasts that are in the planning.