DIARY 2022

Finally we are beginning to see a little light at the end of the tunnel, and I say that loosely.

My new diary is dated 2022 with so much happening it will continue into the following year, while my documentary ‘Behind Closed Doors’ had to be prosponed on three occasions due to Covid and travel restrictions it looks like filming will take place around this next summer, fingers crossed.

The remainder of this year is keeping me busy writing with two new books due to be published next year. Royal Blood & Bastards and Life After Lily.

Although the title of the latter may change? As it is a continuation of The Empty Swing.

You can follow all updates for forthcoming books on http://www.insideoutlastyle.com or on https://www.twitter.com/BelindaConniss7

As I am unable to fly while waiting for my forthcoming operation I will be planning and adding events and such between now and the end of the year.

Next week I will be adding an event that is due to take place between the end of this month (Oct) and mid November so keep a lookout for that.

All forthcoming events will be in Categories under Diary 2022 and so forth.

For now keep your distance, stay safe and be mindful of others. 😷