I Just Had To Do It! #GlasgowFilmAwards21 #TheGlade

Best Audience Award When we as parents have that proud mother moment, sometimes we just want to shout it from the rooftops, so yes, that’s exactly what I am doing tonight. My youngest daughter who has been extremely passionate about film has not only recently Graduated from University while making short films, directing and producing, [...]


Follow http://www.insideoutlastyle.com The blog below ⬇️ Was just this morning posted on my sister site insideoutlastyle.com and I have copied and pasted here to save typing it all out again. So for this page it will be to follow http://www.insideoutlastyle.com for those who follow me here, please feel free to follow me there ⬆️ too. [...]


THE NEWSPAPER THAT SUPPORTS AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND ‘The headlines that caught my eye’ £60M spent on Westminster ’Vanity Project’ as benefits are cut, exclusive SNP MP says; Use of big sums on buildings is ’abhorrent’ as Tories slash the incomes of the poorest people in the U.K As thousands of households are seeing their income [...]

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