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Cost of Living Crisis

U.K Inflation and the Impact on Low Income Families Image Credit: Office for National Statistics There are many low income families who have struggled before and during the pandemic who right now are at their wits end wondering just how they are going to cope going forward. With the loss of the £20.00 Universal Credit [...]


THE NEWSPAPER THAT SUPPORTS AN INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND ‘The headlines that caught my eye’ £60M spent on Westminster ’Vanity Project’ as benefits are cut, exclusive SNP MP says; Use of big sums on buildings is ’abhorrent’ as Tories slash the incomes of the poorest people in the U.K As thousands of households are seeing their income [...]

Disclaimer for the FB Group; WE ARE STILL HERE.

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THE DARK SIDE OF THE WHITE COLLAR There is a dark cloud that looms over Ireland which sits heavy on the shoulders of those who suffered historical abuses and that of those who were illegally adopted, and those who allowed it to happen. ‘Beautiful Ireland’ That’s what people say, and indeed it is, but for [...]

#MeghanandHarry In The News Again via #ThomasMarkle News

Meghan & Harry In The News Again via Thomas Markle News So, again more news regarding Thomas Markle trending on Twitter this morning and this one via ‘The Daily Express’  Quote: Thomas Markle to ‘bare his soul’ in bombshell interview on Meghan and Harry TONIGHT. I do wonder if what people say; ‘A deflection from [...]