Archives Links to the Commission of Investigation Reports from the start, Will be posted here at SOFA TALK MEDIA and full reports will be published on (Sister Site) Where Archival Pages will be set up. I have decided to Archive the Commission of Investigation Reports which will include (soon after), other reports and investigations [...]

No Retrieval of Audio Recordings!

No Retrieval of Audio Recordings! It came to light in the last week that the 'Audio Recordings of Testimonies' from the survivors of the Mother & Baby Homes had been destroyed. SHOCK HORROR, As you can imagine the utter disbelief of the survivors. It was reported on 16 Feb 2021 that the Children's Minister Roderic [...]

Commission of Investigation on #motherandbabyhomes

Commission of Investigation of Mother & Baby Homes Post Credit: Tracey Geary To: Facebook Group - WE ARE STILL HERE To all persons with an interest in the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes, Good Morning, Following on from my email of the 3rd December last, I wish to confirm that I will [...]

Take A Long Hard Look – Who made them judge and jury?

Take a long hard look - Who made them judge and jury? Nothing disturbs me more than some of the stories I have heard, the photos I have seen just like the one below of the children in former mother & baby homes. Yet, here we are in the twenty-first century and I would swear [...]

Commission of #Investigation Interim Reports

Relevant Links: Commission of Investigation Interim Reports First Interim ReportSecond Interim ReportThird Interim ReportFourth Interim ReportFifth Interim ReportFifth Interim Report with Technical Appendices: Part 1Fifth Interim Report with Technical Appendices: Part 2Seventh Interim Report Commission of Investigation Act 2004 Commission of Investigation (Mother & Baby Homes and certain related matters Bill 2020 Seanad Eireann [...]

People Before Profit – A Slap In The Face

People before profit - A slap in the face Credit to: People Before Profit (Facebook) Deirdre Wadding - campaigner and survivor of Bessborough Mother and Baby Home - says the bill that would see records of Mother and Baby Homes sealed for 30 years is a slap in the face to survivors. The fast-tracking of [...]

#Supporting #Survivors Worldwide

Supporting Survivors Worldwide While doing research for my previously published book Various links took me to some of the most shocking reads yet, most of us are aware of various atrocities that took place historically and in some cases even now. Yet, still many survivors still wait and wait and wait for justice, although [...]

#HumanRight and #Freedom of #Expression

Human Right and Freedom of Expression And the Right to Access Information of Personal Data Human Right and Freedom of Expression And the Right to Access Information of Personal Data The fundamental right to equality and freedom from discrimination is being abused by powerful institutions such as the Church and Governments not only in Ireland [...]

We Would Like Your Help! #showyoursupport

THE MOTHER AND BABY HOMES COMMISSION ARCHIVE IS ABOUT TO BE SEALED FOR 30 YEARS... I’m asking for your help in supporting the survivors of the former Mother & Baby Homes Run by Religious Orders. If you are not familiar with the atrocities inflicted by various religious orders then please read the history surrounding the following [...]